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Dec 07,2023

Can waterproof vinyl flooring be installed in wet areas,

Waterproof vinyl flooring has gained popularity in recent years due to its sturdiness, affordability, and capability to mimic the appearance of natural substances consisting of wooden or stone. Its water resistant properties make it an terrific desire for moist regions in the domestic, along with to...

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Dec 01,2023

Is UV coating necessary for all types of SPC vinyl flooring or only specific ones?

UV coating isn't always important for all kinds of SPC vinyl floors. The selection to consist of UV coating on SPC vinyl flooring relies upon on different factors, which include the supposed utilization, area, and patron preferences. SPC vinyl flooring is thought for its durability and resistance t...

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Nov 22,2023

Is SPC non-slip Floor suitable for underfloor heating systems?

Specialty Performance Chemicals (SPC) non-slip flooring is a popular choice for various commercial and residential applications due to its durability, safety features, and aesthetic appeal. However, when considering its compatibility with underfloor heating systems, several factors must be taken int...

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