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Super wear-resistant mute Spc floor

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  • Super wear-resistant mute Spc floor
  • Super wear-resistant mute Spc floor
  • Super wear-resistant mute Spc floor
Product Name: Luxury SPC vinyl floor
Type: Poseidon-L1001
Features: wooden design, waterproof, fireproof, wear resistant, easy installation, environmental protection, soundproof, formaldehyde-free, anti-slip, can be floor heating, easy clean
Benifit: factory direct supply, 100% new material, OEM or ODM, customize design, affordable price
Material: stone plastic composite
Certificate: SGS, ISO9001
Use Site: indoor: residential, commercial place
Color: brown
Width: 7-9"
Length: 48-60"
Thickness: 3.5-7mm
Wear layer: 12mil/20mil
Supply customize design or not: Yes
Click lock type: Unilin click lock system
Padding: IXPE or EVA
Product Discription: SPC vinyl floor is enviromental friendly and durable, creating a comfortable and pleasant living environment for people. Comparing to traditional flooring product, our flooring tiles are better wear resistance, formaldehyde-free and waterproof.

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Zhejiang Ouhong New Material Co, LTD. is focused on R&D and manufacturing PVC flooring and accessories Weare located in lianshan industrial park,Haining city,Zhejiang province. Our main factory area is 10000 m2.

As China Professional Wholesale Super wear-resistant mute Spc floor Company and Wholesale Super wear-resistant mute Spc floor Factory, Our products are exported to European,America,Southeast Asia,South America and Middle East. We have a profesional R&D team and a scientific management system.Saving energy,reducing environmental pollution and carbon emission, protecting forests has become a new theme today.


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